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static void WriteSFO ( Samples samples,
FileWriter writer 
) [static]

Write a sfo file and the samples to disk

samplescollection samples to write to the sfo file and disk
writerwriter for the sfo file

Definition at line 146 of file catcodec.cpp.

References Sample::GetFilename(), Sample::GetName(), ShowProgress(), Sample::WriteSample(), and FileWriter::WriteString().

Referenced by main().

      writer.WriteString("// \"file name\" internal name\n");

      for (Samples::iterator iter = samples.begin(); iter != samples.end(); iter++) {
            Sample *sample = *iter;

            writer.WriteString("\"%s\" %s\n", sample->GetFilename().c_str(), sample->GetName().c_str());

            FileWriter sample_writer(sample->GetFilename());


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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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