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static void ReadCat ( Samples samples,
FileReader reader 
) [static]

Read a cat file from a reader and extract it's samples.

samplescollection to put our samples in
readerreader for the file

Definition at line 49 of file catcodec.cpp.

References FileReader::ReadDword(), FileReader::Seek(), and ShowProgress().

Referenced by main().

      uint32_t count = reader.ReadDword();
      bool new_format = (count >> 31) != 0;
      count &= 0x7FFFFFFFU;
      count /= 8;

      for (uint32_t i = 0; i < count; i++) {
            samples.push_back(new Sample(reader));

      for (Samples::iterator iter = samples.begin(); iter != samples.end(); iter++) {
            (*iter)->ReadCatEntry(reader, new_format);

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