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void ShowHelp ( const char *  cmd )

Show the help to the user.

cmdthe command line the user used

Definition at line 168 of file catcodec.cpp.

Referenced by main().

            "catcodec version %s - Copyright 2009 by Remko Bijker\n"
            "  %s -d <sample file>\n"
            "    Decode all samples in the sample file and put them in this directory\n"
            "  %s -e <sample file>\n"
            "    Encode all samples in this directory and put them in the sample file\n"
            "<sample file> denotes the .cat file you want to work on, e.g. sample.cat\n"
            "catcodec is Copyright 2009 by Remko Bijker\n"
            "You may copy and redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public\n"
            "License version 2, as stated in the file 'COPYING'\n",
            _catcodec_version, cmd, cmd

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