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Sample Member List

This is the complete list of members for Sample, including all inherited members.
bits_per_sampleSample [private]
filenameSample [private]
GetFilename() const Sample
GetName() const Sample
GetNextOffset() const Sample
GetOffset() const Sample
GetSize() const Sample
nameSample [private]
num_channelsSample [private]
offsetSample [private]
ReadCatEntry(FileReader &reader, bool new_format)Sample
ReadSample(FileReader &reader, bool check_size=true)Sample
Sample(FileReader &reader)Sample
Sample(string filename, string name)Sample
sample_dataSample [private]
sample_rateSample [private]
sample_sizeSample [private]
SetOffset(uint32_t offset)Sample
sizeSample [private]
WriteCatEntry(FileWriter &writer) const Sample
WriteSample(FileWriter &writer) const Sample

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