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Sample Class Reference

#include <sample.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

string GetFilename () const
string GetName () const
uint32_t GetNextOffset () const
uint32_t GetOffset () const
uint32_t GetSize () const
void ReadCatEntry (FileReader &reader, bool new_format)
void ReadSample (FileReader &reader, bool check_size=true)
 Sample (string filename, string name)
 Sample (FileReader &reader)
void SetOffset (uint32_t offset)
void WriteCatEntry (FileWriter &writer) const
void WriteSample (FileWriter &writer) const
 ~Sample ()

Private Attributes

uint16_t bits_per_sample
 Number of bits per sample; either 8 or 16.
string filename
 The filename of the sample.
string name
 The name of the sample.
uint16_t num_channels
 Number of channels; either 1 or 2.
uint32_t offset
 Offset from the begin of the cat.
uint8_t * sample_data
 The actual raw sample data.
uint32_t sample_rate
 Sample rate; either 11025, 22050 or 44100.
uint32_t sample_size
 The size of the raw data below.
uint32_t size
 The size of the WAV RIFF, i.e. excluding name and filename.

Detailed Description

Simple in-memory representation of a sample.

Definition at line 32 of file sample.hpp.

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